On The Problem of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a problem that can scar a person for life. The book Thirteen Reasons Why discusses how it impacted the life of a teenage girl named Hannah. In the book she states that, “I kept my forehead against your shoulder, Marcus. There was your hand, on my knee. From out of nowhere, the same way I was grabbed in the liquor store.” This quote shows that Hannah was sexually assaulted and discusses how she felt about what was happening to her. She didn’t like what was happening to her at the time, she wanted help but never received it.

Another quote from the book Thirteen Reasons Why that stands out is, “And I didn’t want to yell, it wasn’t to that level yet, but my eyes were begging for help.” This quote shows how Hannah felt about being sexual assaulted by Marcus and it was scary for her. She wanted help because she was basically forced into this. She never wanted any of this to happen, but it did and she never got the help she wanted. To make matters worse, she wasn’t comfortable in this situation because it reminded her of what happened earlier in her life.

Sexual assault is not just a problem that happens in isolation, but can lead to other issues too. In the article called Student Killed Herself After University Mishandled her rap report it states that, “We don’t and wouldn’t ignore or fail to thoroughly investigate reported incidents of sexual assault.” Therefore this quote shows that sexual assault could affect teens’ lives in ways we would not have imagined such as suicide.

Another quote from an article called Teen Claims She Was Gang Raped in Bronx Apartment states,“The girl told cops she met up with a male friend…… she felt like she had no choice, but to submit to their demands for sex.” This mirrors Hannah’s story because she also met up with a male friend prior to her unwanted sexual encounter. Therefore when teens experience sexual assault, it can lead to bad things in there lives to the extent of suicide.

Sexual assault relates to my life because it impacted a family member’s life when she was raped by someone. It was not a good experience. She told me that it she was really scary and she will never forget what happened or how it happened, so sexual assault has scarred her for life. We have to do better with how we respond to sexual assault and it’s effect on people, especially teens.

By: Myalynn F
9th Grader, Bronx, NY
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