A Letter to My Lord

Sometimes, our young people simply need a space to vent, to express their frustrations before powering up and pushing through. This week, Earnesha is ‘writing to rise’, by showcasing her vulnerabilities. A bold step in our fierce world. Sometimes, there is strength in softness.

Over and over and over again This pain won’t leave like it’s forming within Must’ve done something terrible like a forbidden sin Killing myself everyday while hiding it with grins Don’t want to be bothered, but don’t want to be left alone Don’t even feel at ease in my own home I’m asking my father because he sits on the throne Empty mind but yet these feelings rome What did I do that was oh so wrong Patience isn’t there, it is so long gone Answer me king, oh answer me lord Heart is bleeding and i don’t see the sword My happiness is so overdue I’ve been looking for it, that’s why im writing to you If this is all my fault just tell me the truth Running out of time don’t know what to do Everyone is after me, this world is trying to subtract me Can’t give up because what good would that be I’m leaning on you to show me what’s right Yes I’m drained, but won’t give in without a fight Yes I love you Lord, but i don’t love this life Can’t find peace because of all this pain and strife Show me a sign God, Lord lead the way Help me before I give in today This is a letter from your child, please hear me as I pray

By: Earneasha Byars

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